With our extensive experience with the guaranteed rewards, we are here to be your detective for all places. Absolutely, all information of our clients is confidential.

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About us

At Detective Pulse, we offer investigative services to uncover any information you need, includes cheating investigation, finding a missing person, detecting a person according to an arrest warrant, online scam, investigate behavior disguise, investigate criminal history, investigate history before employment, arrival/depart information of Thailand, investigate the house registration of a person with relatives, investigate personal status, investigate divorce, track cars, check phone usage, check phone numbers, and many more. Get the answers you need quickly and accurately with Detective Pulse. Stop worrying and start finding the truth today!

Our service

All investigation services by professional private investigators with extensive experience and guarantee rewards. The private investigators at Detective Pulse are ready to service you at any place.

# We will keep an eye on all cases and never miss any second.

Cheating investigation

Tracking husband cheating/ Wife spy mistress or tracking behavior of the specified target.

Personal information and History investigation

Tracking address, behavior, cheater, following a person targeted by arrest warrant/bench warrant, and criminal history.

Phone usage investigation

Checking call history of registered sim card checking phone number.

Assets investigation

Investigate assets of a personnel such as condominium, car, land, and savings.

Vehicle investigation

Checking car plate, missing car, car theft and finding missing car.

IT LINE & Facebook investigation

Investigate digital information on Facebook, LINE, Instagram and online information.

Working process

Discuss investigation scope and details.
Agree on price and contract.
Pay first installment at 50% of total amount.
Start investigating.
Pay the remaining installment before receiving information.

**In case the contract breached by the client, the deposit amount will not be refunded for any case.


Thank you clients for the trust.

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